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Looking for keg tracking software? The Hillebrand Keg Pros have your solution! Starting as low as $25 per month KegID includes innovative powerful features.

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Working with Hillebrand has greatly improved our productivity. KegID is a crucial tool to our on site and off site teams. Quick turnaround times and awesome customer support make working with Hillebrand super easy

Chris Candiano, Presidet

Destination Unknown Beer Company

Hillebrand has been great to work with, kegs have always been delivered in a very timely manner with our logo and barcodes.

Bill Weller, Owner

Farmers Brewing Co., LLC

Hillebrand is a company that First Line Brewing has used for quite some time now. At the start of my business, Hillebrand was extremely helpful and motivating to myself and my business partner. They are reliable, trustworthy, and exceed our business partnership expectations.

Michael Maiorana, Co-Founder

First Line Brewing

Working with Hillebrand has always been great. All of the reps that I have worked with are always friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. The partnerships we have formed with Hillebrand are really great and looking forward to continuing working with them!

Alexandria Sitaras, Reverse Logistics Analyst


Hillebrand kegs are built to last! We love them, and with the KegID program it makes tracking as simple as taking a picture with a smartphone. One of the best features is the age tracking on how long kegs are out of the brewery and in circulation!

Zack Bigelow, Manager / Brewer

Ramshackle Brewing Company

Locust Post Brewery uses Hillebrand Kegs at our brewery. Hillebrand Kegs are wonderful, clean and sharp looking! They were delivered in a timely manner with our color banding. Using Hillebrand Kegs has made our brewery life easier, their customer service is wonderful! Thank you Hillebrand!!

Denise Cornwell, Owner

Locust Post Brewery

To work with Hillebrand is to tap into a network that opens many pathways to operational success. Hillebrand provides the logistical and financial flexibility that we need to navigate a dynamic industry and give our customers the best opportunity to achieve their goals. It’s the ideal partnership for a growing business like Free Flow Wines.

Anthony Gutierrez, B.I. & Logistics Manager

Free Flow Wines

JFH has been a valued partner for more than a decade. Every time we have a new innovation they are there to support us with whatever we need.

Alejandra Luciano, Director of Operation

Gotham Project


KegID tracking software is an absolute must

KegID tackles this challenge by scanning your kegs to help optimize their usage. With KegID, you increase accountability - and minimize loss - of your kegs. Scan your kegs and make informed business decisions using KegID's real-time data and business intelligence.

Innovation included

  • Keg scanning functionality
  • Quick setup time & easy to use
  • Optimize keg return cycles
  • Improve keg management
  • Improve keg accountability
  • Increase visibility of kegs and pallets
  • Minimize mounting keg loss rates
  • Preventive keg maintenance made easy
  • Provides real-time data and business intel
  • Quality control & product freshness reports
  • Total keg fleet control
  • Batch traceability
  • Works with Kegspediter keg management
  • Embeddable beer map

Choose your pricing tier


Track up to 150 kegs

$25 USD/month

Additional kegs



Track up to 300 kegs

$55 USD/month

Additional kegs



Track 500+ kegs

$100 USD/month

Additional kegs